008 - The Skip Tracer
What the Shell?December 07, 2021x
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008 - The Skip Tracer

This week, we're using my off week to talk to T4NK. T4NK Runs the "Cyber Sector 7" and does Skip Tracing for a living. So, instead of me telling you a story, I'll be asking the questions as T4NK explains What The Shell as Skip Tracer is, and why privacy is so critical in your day to day life.

Check out our discord if you'd like to ask T4NK any more questions, he's a member there and would be happy to answer! https://discord.gg/mBPbWcVRYR 

You can check out T4NK's website, http://cybersector7.com and http://usosint.com and his podcast is on all major platforms.